Snail Trails

I have some more backyard biology to share with you. It was very wet outside, so the rain droplets collected very nicely on the leaves of these White Clovers (Trifolium repens). The White Clover has historically been eaten by humans and is today considered to be a survival food that people can harvest from the wild and eat. Of course, please don’t go eating wild plants if you don’t know for certain what it is you are eating.

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Climate Change and the End of Males

We’ve all heard of the ice caps melting, sea levels rising, the threat of habitat destruction and complete ecosystem change. Global warming is expected to wreak havoc with the agricultural industry and have a profound effect on weather patterns around the world.  However, the temperature changes may prove disastrous for certain species in stranger ways than those listed above; Painted Turtles are one of the many species of reptile that could turn entirely female, while males are left out in the cold as the planet warms up.


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The Night Sky – Planetary Showcase

July is the month to see the planets. After dusk, Mars and Saturn will be visible before they dip below the western horizon. The Morning Star, Venus, can be seen right before dawn in the East, accompanied by Mercury.

Venus and Mercury – Nicolas Poussin

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Spider Frights

So I thought it would make a neat new series of blog posts if I were to take my camera out my tiny back garden and find cool little creatures and plants. I ended up filming a whole bunch of stuff and turned it into a video, which then got uploaded onto what is now my YouTube channel, much lol. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing on YouTube or what types of videos I’ll be making but I’ll be sure to post them here when they are made. So welcome to Backyard Biology!

Hanging out
Hanging out

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The Night Sky – Supermoons and Shining Clouds!

There’s a supermoon happening tomorrow night on Saturday the 12th! Not only will it be in its perigee, travelling through its closest orbital point to the Earth, but it will also be full. Go out and see it at 11.25 pm GMT, when it will be at its most luminous.

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My Daughter Malala

This week’s video is one of the more moving talks I’ve seen on TED. Malala Yousafzai’s father Ziauddin outlines the importance of education for both girls and boys alike, and how taking basic human rights away from any group of people affects everybody.

“Enrolment in a school means recognition of her identity and her name. Admission in a school means she has entered the world of dreams and aspirations where she can explore her potential…”

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